Dreaming Of Snakes

Someone asked: “I had a dream of killing 2 snakes, a rattle snake, and a harmless white stripy snake, then had them in my lap, putting food in their mouth, cheaterblox and they came back to life. I was surprised and got scared!”

Dreams are best interpreted as a whole with the individual symbols given multiple meanings. That allows the dreamer to put together an interpretation that makes the most sense to them.

Snakes can symbolize power and the awakening of kundalini, which has the related to consciousness, among other things. The snakes look to represent two ways of expressing power. We cannot kill consciousness or power. We can deny it, limit it, constrict it within, nadiya but not kill it.

That you are feeding both snakes suggests that you are making choices, employing your power, that produce both results and you are showing yourself this symbolically.

In the dream you killed them but they came back to life. The choice to harm or be harmless may be what you are asked to look at presently. Harmlessness is actually the more powerful expression as it is a building block of beingness, or consciousness. In truth, snake bite dream meaning we meet ourselves at some point whenever we choose harm.

The emotion is also important, and that is fear. Fear may be a motivating force behind the choices to harm. Fear can be healed, interestingly enough strength is one eternal quality that heals fear. Strength and harmlessness go hand in hand.

Just as an aside, a rattler bite is not always deadly, it is extremely painful.

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