Free is Not a Very Good Price

It should be pointed out that you DO get what you pay for. 

With money being so tight right now, people can easily become victims of more scams on the Internet than ever before. 

With the Economic downturn and Financial Crisis getting worse every day, we can see that desperation is increasing. The number of people that are seeking jobs and business opportunities online to supplement their income is going rampant. This is also kms auto where people with very low integrity are setting them up for scams and schemes to try to offer something for nothing.

There is no such thing as an “honest get rich quick scheme”. Even though people are seeing their finances, dryer repair san diego and their savings, and their retirement disintegrating very quickly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can replace those losses in any kind of a quick manner. Solid foundations need to be established, just like in any traditional business.

Therefore if people are looking for ways to generate more income, fancy name they must understand that it does take money and investment of time to earn money, no matter what the source.

It would be wiser to invest time on the Internet getting a more awareness and familiarity with what opportunities really are out there that can help them supplement income or even generate large amounts of income aligned with what their resources are.

Skepticism is a good thing. Fear is not good thing fear is only good when you’re standing on the edge of cliff or next to a burning building to avoid harm to one’s self. garten

F.E.A.R is nothing more than False Emotions Appearing Real. The only way to dispel fear is by obtaining ALL the facts. This is better if done before plunging into any opportunity that seems to be “too good to be true”.

Anytime you’re online and see anyone who has the number one priority of asking you to try something on “free trial basis” or allude to the fact that “something will cost nothing”, cat house this should be a sure sign that much more research must be done first. Why research anything with that kind of opening line?

If someone truly has your best interest in mind, their number one priority will be “helping you understand” that what they offer is education SEO and consultation and even one on one coaching to guide you through any process so that you know exactly what you can expect or should not expect up front.

I have been involved in network marketing for over a dozen years and I have experienced a lot of reactions from people as they have been approached about a business opportunity. I also see that the majority of people searching the Internet for ways to increase their income are all expecting to find a JOB online. This is because the industry has not fully come to understand that approaching people and asking them to make a lifestyle change is no longer effective.

It is no wonder that these people naturally repel any kind of pitch that even resembles network marketing, multilevel marketing, direct marketing, Home deco or any other kind of fancy name that someone likes to attach to it.

There are very reputable companies out there designed to help others by offering this opportunity to them. Unfortunately the majority of them offer nothing different than the other companies or scams. They are only in “recruiting mode” to make money off of these people signing up.

Then they are never offering any guidance for working one on one with these people.

They are focused on “New Blood” and may not have ever been trained themselves to actually teach any one on their team how to do any marketing at all. That is the main reason for this statistic of 95% of all small businesses, home based businesses, as well as traditional businesses included will fail within the first year.

So how do the 5% earn huge amounts money as well as huge amounts of people in their organization and become IDOLS of many people in their organization?

There are probably several answers for that, but you can be assured that these people grow large organizations throughout offering education, hands on mentoring, and making it obvious that they’re in business to help other people.

Free is not a very good price. You wouldn’t purchase your dream home on the Internet just because you saw a picture of it. Imagine buying a brand new car and you chose not to test-drive it or do any research on it. Let’s say that it was delivered to your door but the car keys were not included.

That makes about as much sense as believing or joining someone that advertises a business opportunity that cost nothing to join, nothing to set up, no sales required, and boasting about the fact that this products or this services practically sell themselves.

I believe in the education marketing concepts so much, that I would prefer to develop an online relationship and offer advice that is not free and does not necessarily cost any money to receive.

They say there is no free lunch and there is a lot of truth to that. If you think your time and your best efforts are less valuable than money, then that might be a reason that we should keep in contact with each other.

I have sponsored hundreds of people that have spent a lot of money starting their own business and then they never work at it because they realize that there was time and effort needing to be invested. Sadly, they never took into account that I was always investing my time and my effort to match them step for step if they would have “just stayed plugged in”.

To this has taught me a lot over the years. Now, my focus is more on sorting out all the people that are looking for something for free. I don’t need them and they aren’t aware (yet) that they need someone like me.


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